Vicente E. Garcia presents: HP ENVY 7640 e-All-in-One Printer is the answer to our family’s printing needs


HP (Hewlett-Packard) is one of the largest and well-known computer and electronics companies today. As they introduce quality products, they also strive in providing consumers great user experience even at home. That is why as they design or make a product, they ensure that each one of it is a perfect fit for different kinds of fields such as home, business, and others.

With HP (Hewlett-Packard) believing that a great electronic product should be used at home, they have introduce one of a kind laptops, notebooks and even printers which are fully design for family and home use such as HP ENVY 7640 e-All-in-One Printer. From the way HP (Hewlett-Packard) design and made this, I can vouch that they focused on the seamless experience it provides because homeowners like I am, have been indulging the moments I have been using HP ENVY 7640 e-All-in-One Printer for printing purposes because of the following reasons:

  • In general anyone would easily fall in love with HP ENVY 7640 e-All-in-One Printer because it is jammed packed with the following specs:

Its printer category is Ink Jet, 1 pass color for monochrome, standard all-purpose inkjet types, it can be connected to USB, Ethernet and Wireless. Has a letter standard of paper size, 2 cartridges, 4 Ink colors and can print directly on media slots from memory stick duo, secure digital, secure digital extended capacity.

  • From its specs, let us discuss its great designs

The printer has a measurement of 7.6 by 17.9 by 19.8 inches and weighs a total of 17 pounds. It has a 3.5in colored touch screen which set on the tilt up the front panel which makes it easier to be navigated. HP ENVY 7640 e-All-in-One Printer has the paper capacity of 125 sheets added with a 15 sheet photo tray. Aside from those, my husband loved this printer because it has an auto duplexer for two sides of the printing job and an automatic feed that allows me and my family to scan, copy, and fax numerous documents.

  • HP ENVY 7640 e-All-in-One Printer quality features

With its print, scan, copy and fax features, HP ENVY 7640 e-All-in-One Printer comes with several HP Google apps such as HP calendar, Hp forms, DreamWorks and Awesome Airplanes. This allows me to register my HP ENVY 7640 e-All-in-One Printer for free on HP ePrint service where I can email files as an attachment to a unique address provided to the printer. After that, they will print out my emailed files even if I am the other side of the road. HP envy can easily print out files from Ios and different Android devices just over a WiFi connection.

  • HP ENVY 7640 e-All-in-One Printer Printing Speed

We haven’t used HP ENVY 7640 e-All-in-One Printer on business use but in our home we greatly made some efforts to time its printing speed and we can say that HP ENVY 7640 e-All-in-One Printer is faster when it comes to photo printing with an average of 38 seconds per print.

For those who are planning to buy a home printer, I personally recommend HP ENVY 7640 e-All-in-One Printer because it provides quality services unlike any other. 

SAP SE Products and services- Bring your Business to Perfection by Vicente E. Garcia



Now that SAP and ERP has become a trend to businesses as international businesses, most people think that these business solutions are highly important. This is because of the companies that are listed as part of Fortune 1000 as these companies have the ERP solutions in place from SAP SE. Being the market leader and one of the largest enterprise system companies, SAP SE is at the center of today's business and technology. SAP SE products will help businesses to streamline their processes and see new growth opportunities using the world's most innovative software. So what does the SAP stands for and what are the benefits of having SAP ERP system in place? Well, that is simple; SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and products in data processing.  It is known by most all of the companies that they need to have these platforms in place in order for things to run smoothly. If they have SAP SE products or systems in place, all facets of operation will be flexible. SAP SE products and system will have all the system communicate together and analysts don't have to enter the data into multiple software. This will save them time in generating the reports and will help the management to have a wider view of the business. 

            Some businesses realize that they are having issues with their end-to-end process. So to sharpen the core function, they are implementing SAP SE system. In a nutshell, companies nowadays are more effective with these SAP SE products in place. Businesses with SAP SE products in place, different departments will be using a single platform. SAP SE products will help them automate their enterprise and it will enable them to keep the business and operational processes up-to-date.  SAP SE products will help you run your business simple.  It will help to seamlessly connect with people and technology, real-time. With SAP SE products and its services, they help their customers to create breakthroughs that solve complex, incurable issues. Businesses that use SAP SE products won't need to procure different platforms. Using just one perfect platform, businesses can cut down their expenses. In addition, companies in all sizes can rely on the efficiency and consistency of the SAP SE products. Products and services of SAP SE are the most sophisticated and most advanced that the industry offers in the market.  Through the proper and consistent entering and reporting, they will be able to better generate reports and will have a wider view of what's going on within the company on a broader scope. This, and with the entire employee using one software program, will allow businesses to consistently operate as an organization. With SAP SE's dedication in keeping everything simple and smart, businesses will have a better focus on where their business is going. They will get a perfect view of where they currently at in the market.

SAP SE's sophisticated business software will keep everything simple yet smart for your business. This is exactly why SAP SE is the world leader in enterprise applications.

Five Amazing Life Hacks that you Need in Your Life

Living on a daily basis can be a struggle on its own. Sometimes, it can also be boring and tedious. To aid with this, life hacks are invented. Life hacks are some sort of activities, techniques, and strategies that will make living your life a lot easier and so much better. In the world filled with numerous life hacks, these are the most useful.

These life hacks are simple yet it has the ability and capacity to make your life so much better. Aside from that, these hacks can make the world a better place for you, me, and all of us.

Lifehack # 1. Place pancake batters in a clean ketchup/ catsup bottle

Preparing pancakes can be a messy business. Instead of pouring pancake batter straight from the mixing bowl, pour it in a ketchup or catsup bottle. In this manner, you can pour pancake batter into the pan without the greasy and messy approach.

Lifehack # 2. Paint the head of the keys using nail polish to make a colored distinction

If you’re the kind of person who often forgot the difference between your kitchen door key and bedroom key, painting the heads of the keys using nail polish can be a good trick. By painting the head of the keys, it will be easier for you to distinguish which key is needed in the door.

Lifehack # 3. Drink water after drinking soda, coffee, or tea

The ingredients and chemicals from drinks like soda, coffee and tea have been proven to cause teeth staining. To avoid staining your pearly white teeth, drink ample enough of water every time you drink soda, coffee and tea. The water will help to flush away the ingredients and chemicals that may wreck havoc the overall appearance of your pearly whites.

Lifehack # 4. Read your notes before going to bed

According to research and study, reading notes or books a few hours after you sleep will help you retain more. When we sleep, our body naturally replenishes the information inputted all throughout the day. But, the information that you learned a few hours before you sleep is absorbed more efficiently. So, if you have a major examination in the near future, consider changing your schedule of studying to get the most out of every page that you read.

Lifehack # 5. Stack clothes vertically

Stacking clothes vertically is a useful hack that is not known for the large majority of people. There’s no wonder with that because we’re used to putting out clothes in the drawers or cabinets in a horizontal position. However, this trick is not that useful since the clothes that are placed in the bottom part of the drawer are not as visible as the ones in the upper portion. As a result, looking for clothes that you want to wear will be more difficult and time-consuming. Next time that you will place your clothes in the drawer, make sure that you do it in a vertical arrangement.  

How to choose the right job for you?

Everyone is in need of a job to sustain our everyday living and expenses. But with the numerous amounts of individuals seeking for a decent job, some of us are forced to accept an offer even if it is not our forte or field of expertise.

This fact is actually due to the raging competition taking place in the hiring process where only few can take the job they really sign for.  Aside from that, we do not really have a choice because the fields we are trying to get into often need someone with experience or good educational background, so we are left with a choice to apply for job vacancy far from our ground of learning experience.

But if you are one of those lucky ones that are given a great opportunity to select a job from 2-3 offers, how would you choose the right job for you? If you are clueless, you should read these tips below on how to choose the right job for you? 

  1. Choose a job with great relevance to your education

If you are about to choose on different job offers opt for a position that has a great relation with your educational background. For sure you will easily excel because you studied for it and you knew stuff that could greatly contribute to the company’s insight and development.

  1. Don’t strain on loving something

Everybody is stating, “Love your job so that you can enjoy it.” But that does not really apply to today’s generation. Because today you should know whether you are going to enjoy the job and if you don’t you should not push yourself because eventually you will be the one to suffer.

  1. Consider the working environment

In choosing the right job, you should mind the working environment which includes both the office location and the employees. This could take place when you met up with the HR for an interview. You will definitely get a glimpse of the office background. As you observe the whole place including the people, you should ask yourself if you like what you see and if you can go along with the employees.

  1. Avoid information in regards with salary

It might sound really weird because the majority of applicants these days are opting for jobs with a bigger salary. But according to research, people with bigger salary have more satisfaction but with less happiness. This is actually due to the stress they are inheriting with their jobs. They likely spend time with friends and family making their lives lonely and tiring, so opt for a job with a minimum salary and with regular working days.

  1. Opt for a job where you can easily resign

It sounds wrong but they are instances where we need to resign due to important or emergency matters and some companies will not let you due to the legal matters. So opt for a job where you can easily leave whenever you want too.

How to take good photos of jewelry

As we define jewelry as a small, delicate, unique and priceless masterpiece, individuals who can actually create these pieces are truly blessed because they can produce pieces many would want to use, especially today that the majority of women and even men are fond of using jewelry as their accessory for their OOTD or “outfit of the day”.

As a talented soul, most jewelry makers of our time are taking the advantage of selling their most precious pieces online and even on storefronts. But like any other products, these marketers have to think of ways to reach their target audience and a good marketing and advertising plan is the best solution.

As they market their pieces, they have to produce quality and high-end photos of their jewelry to be posted on different social media platforms so that they can easily reach their consumers.

But, as they start their marketing attempt a simple question arise,” How to take good photos of jewelry?” That is simple, marketers or retailers just have to follow these tips:

  • Smaller Room for jewelry photography

In taking jewelry photos, they could get best results if they know how to control the light they need in order to illuminate the product and the easiest way to do it is by using smaller spaces that are provided by a light tent. This tent can actually soften and diffuse light that would provide a consistent result.

  • Cleanliness of the jewelry

As they start their jewelry shoot, they need to ensure that the jewelry is free of dust, smudges, dirt and even fingerprints, because as they shoot for a closer object, any bit of dirt or smudge can be really obvious when they view the images on the monitor or in the printed copy.

  • Reflection of the jewelry

In jewel photography, shadows and reflections should be avoided, although certain shadows and reflections are needed to pull off a 3D dimensional look or for an edgy output. Yet, some reflections and shadows should be avoided in order to present jewelry in the best possible way.

  • Position of the jewelry

In jewelry photography, many are using different accessories during the photo shoot just to hold the pieces such as pyramid ring stands, earring stand, pendant stand, and watch stands. These jewelry accessories can help position rings, pendants, earrings, loose stones and even diamonds in different kinds of position and in different angles in order to capture the owner’s desire perspective.  

  • Jewelry Sparkle

For those who are curious on how jewelry sparkles on photo shoot. They should use white natural LED lights to achieve the sparkles they want for their photos. Because gems sold on jewelry stores do not really sparkle that much compared from those being displayed under direct sunlight. If marketers really want to encourage their consumers to purchase their jewelry they should showcase its great features and its sparkle is one of those. Aside from that, sparkling jewel photo is truly a great eye catcher especially online where consumers mostly rely on the photos they see.


Simple Guide to Help you Improve your Ideas in Three Days

Ideas are the collection or set of thoughts and notions that are generated in the mind. In general, ideas are generated with intent to form it. But, there are some instances when ideas pop out of nowhere. These ideas serve as the gateway in creating something that is worth being shared with other people. On the other hand, there are times when you need to form an idea but nothing comes out. So, how can you avoid this from happening again? Here’s a guide that will help you to improve your ideas in three days.

Day 1

  • Go out of your comfort zone and roam around

Sometimes, ideas are not available in the four corners of your comfort zone. To aid with this, ditch your comfort zone and go out of the box. Explore the world around you because it is so much bigger and the amount of ideas available is broader and more beneficial to you. You can also try different activities that you haven’t experienced, eat foods and delicacies popular in a specific place, or try the things that you fear to do. By doing something new, your creative ideas will flow freely and will give you the sense of being renewed. Do this as often as you need to.

  • List down the ideas that pop into your mind

Not all of us have photographic memories and we can’t forget all the facts once an idea is already in mind. To help retain precious ideas and thoughts, have a pen and paper handy. You can also use mobile or digital applications that will allow you to write and list down your ideas. In this manner, it will be easier for you to remember and recall the idea that will be useful for you.

Day 2

  • Track your ideas

Once you have a place where you can keep all your ideas, it will be easier for you to track down your ideas. Aside from that, forming smaller ideas into a bigger one will help you come out with a plan that is doable. Tracking ideas also help to improve your overall creativity.

  • Employ your ideas

The best way to find out whether your ideas are worth it is to employ it. Once you’ve employed your ideas, it will be easier for you to decide whether you need to further improve or discontinue it. No matter what is the result of employing your ideas, always remembers that it is only the start and you can always make it a little better as time goes by.

Day 3

  • Replenish your ideas

Every now and then, our mind has a natural tendency to run out of ideas that are worth sharing. So, you shouldn’t limit yourself to the things that you are already fond of doing. Try going outside or travel from one place to another as often as possible. This will definitely help you to see, learn, and experience more that will make you want to form new ideas that are useful for you.  

How to Grow Old without Feeling Old

Our spirits do not rely on our age for it doesn’t dictate what we can do and what we cannot. Being old is different from feeling old. Aging is inevitable but growing old is a choice. I am not saying that we should act like a child just to be young at heart. Feeling young is far different than being immature. Even with the wrinkles and gray hair, you can still look as young as you could wish for without taking away the wisdom you have gained. It is revitalizing to be youthful as always so with that, here are some ways to do without feeling old.

  1. Learn to forgive

There may be a lot of heartaches and things that shouldn’t happen in the past, but try to forgive all the people that have caused you pain and distress. But moreover, you should first forgive yourself from all that happened in your life. Drop all the burdens you are carrying and try to be free from all the negativity. It is better to grow old feeling lightheartedness and forgiveness.

  1. Smile and laugh

Your smile is your greatest accessory so learn to use it every day. You should catch all the positivity as many as you can and share it with others. A simple smile can help others to cheer up from their bad day. It also gives an impression that you have a youthful soul wandering in this world.

  1. Play your teenage playlist

It doesn’t mean that being young at heart is always following the music trends these days; sometimes it’s all about visiting the good all days. There are so many ways to listen to your old playlist back then. You can now easily download your favorite songs and listen to them again and again.

  1. Have fun with children

Do not be such a grumpy adult taking life too seriously. If you have kids, you could use their toys or play with them together. You could eat ice cream together and stroll around the park. Being you is all about how you live it, so it’s better to feel young with kids!

  1. Try something new

As they say, the learning never stops. It is never too late to try something new and explore the vast world around them. If you don’t know how to ride a bike, maybe it’s time to learn your childhood frustration!

  1. Embrace your age

Many people thought that by being young, they should hide their age to most people. This is not true. In order to look and feel young, you should embrace our age and the wisdom you have acquired throughout the years.

  1. Find a new passion

Trying something new is a little different from finding a new passion. A passion is about your enthusiasm for something and its one of the reason you are excited for the next day to come. It may be sculpting, gardening, or ballroom dancing. As long as it keeps you driven, you’re on a good path.

  1. Stop complaining about your life

Self-pity isn’t going to lead you to a better path. It’s best to stop pinpointing and playing the blame game and accept your flaws. Imperfections make this world unique and so does life.