How to take good photos of jewelry

As we define jewelry as a small, delicate, unique and priceless masterpiece, individuals who can actually create these pieces are truly blessed because they can produce pieces many would want to use, especially today that the majority of women and even men are fond of using jewelry as their accessory for their OOTD or “outfit of the day”.

As a talented soul, most jewelry makers of our time are taking the advantage of selling their most precious pieces online and even on storefronts. But like any other products, these marketers have to think of ways to reach their target audience and a good marketing and advertising plan is the best solution.

As they market their pieces, they have to produce quality and high-end photos of their jewelry to be posted on different social media platforms so that they can easily reach their consumers.

But, as they start their marketing attempt a simple question arise,” How to take good photos of jewelry?” That is simple, marketers or retailers just have to follow these tips:

  • Smaller Room for jewelry photography

In taking jewelry photos, they could get best results if they know how to control the light they need in order to illuminate the product and the easiest way to do it is by using smaller spaces that are provided by a light tent. This tent can actually soften and diffuse light that would provide a consistent result.

  • Cleanliness of the jewelry

As they start their jewelry shoot, they need to ensure that the jewelry is free of dust, smudges, dirt and even fingerprints, because as they shoot for a closer object, any bit of dirt or smudge can be really obvious when they view the images on the monitor or in the printed copy.

  • Reflection of the jewelry

In jewel photography, shadows and reflections should be avoided, although certain shadows and reflections are needed to pull off a 3D dimensional look or for an edgy output. Yet, some reflections and shadows should be avoided in order to present jewelry in the best possible way.

  • Position of the jewelry

In jewelry photography, many are using different accessories during the photo shoot just to hold the pieces such as pyramid ring stands, earring stand, pendant stand, and watch stands. These jewelry accessories can help position rings, pendants, earrings, loose stones and even diamonds in different kinds of position and in different angles in order to capture the owner’s desire perspective.  

  • Jewelry Sparkle

For those who are curious on how jewelry sparkles on photo shoot. They should use white natural LED lights to achieve the sparkles they want for their photos. Because gems sold on jewelry stores do not really sparkle that much compared from those being displayed under direct sunlight. If marketers really want to encourage their consumers to purchase their jewelry they should showcase its great features and its sparkle is one of those. Aside from that, sparkling jewel photo is truly a great eye catcher especially online where consumers mostly rely on the photos they see.