Five Amazing Life Hacks that you Need in Your Life

Living on a daily basis can be a struggle on its own. Sometimes, it can also be boring and tedious. To aid with this, life hacks are invented. Life hacks are some sort of activities, techniques, and strategies that will make living your life a lot easier and so much better. In the world filled with numerous life hacks, these are the most useful.

These life hacks are simple yet it has the ability and capacity to make your life so much better. Aside from that, these hacks can make the world a better place for you, me, and all of us.

Lifehack # 1. Place pancake batters in a clean ketchup/ catsup bottle

Preparing pancakes can be a messy business. Instead of pouring pancake batter straight from the mixing bowl, pour it in a ketchup or catsup bottle. In this manner, you can pour pancake batter into the pan without the greasy and messy approach.

Lifehack # 2. Paint the head of the keys using nail polish to make a colored distinction

If you’re the kind of person who often forgot the difference between your kitchen door key and bedroom key, painting the heads of the keys using nail polish can be a good trick. By painting the head of the keys, it will be easier for you to distinguish which key is needed in the door.

Lifehack # 3. Drink water after drinking soda, coffee, or tea

The ingredients and chemicals from drinks like soda, coffee and tea have been proven to cause teeth staining. To avoid staining your pearly white teeth, drink ample enough of water every time you drink soda, coffee and tea. The water will help to flush away the ingredients and chemicals that may wreck havoc the overall appearance of your pearly whites.

Lifehack # 4. Read your notes before going to bed

According to research and study, reading notes or books a few hours after you sleep will help you retain more. When we sleep, our body naturally replenishes the information inputted all throughout the day. But, the information that you learned a few hours before you sleep is absorbed more efficiently. So, if you have a major examination in the near future, consider changing your schedule of studying to get the most out of every page that you read.

Lifehack # 5. Stack clothes vertically

Stacking clothes vertically is a useful hack that is not known for the large majority of people. There’s no wonder with that because we’re used to putting out clothes in the drawers or cabinets in a horizontal position. However, this trick is not that useful since the clothes that are placed in the bottom part of the drawer are not as visible as the ones in the upper portion. As a result, looking for clothes that you want to wear will be more difficult and time-consuming. Next time that you will place your clothes in the drawer, make sure that you do it in a vertical arrangement.